My Story

I am a mother of three, an athlete, and a physical therapist. After I had my first baby, I wanted a road map to show me exactly how to get back to running and exercise, and I wanted to know from a credible, reliable source that it was possible. After an exhaustive search, I couldn’t find the progressive, comprehensive guide I was looking for. I decided to write it myself.


As an athlete, I know how much getting back to movement and running means to so many of my fellow mom-athletes because I, too, felt intimidated by the prospect of transforming my postpartum body into the best shape of my life. Trust me, it’s possible, and I’m here to help.


As a physical therapist, helping people to move and exercise again is my passion. I want to guide you through a pivotal time in your life as an athlete. There are few times in your life, if any, during which exercise will seem as daunting, and at the same time, this is the time in your life when you will benefit the most from exercise.


The standard advice for returning to exercise after giving birth is to simply “resume gradually.” With all of the complexities that accompany becoming a mother, from the head-to-toe musculoskeletal changes and the risk for injuries, the sleep deprivation, breastfeeding concerns, and the golden opportunity to spark a lifetime love of movement in your little one, there’s just so much more to it than “resuming gradually.”


Whether you are an experienced athlete getting back to whatever sport moves you or becoming a mom has inspired you to become an athlete for the first time, I’ll help you navigate this truly unique time in your life.