C-Section Mini Circuit

Before getting started the first time, you must watch the prerequisite videos: Ground Rules and The Basics Series. Once you’ve watched those and you have your physician’s approval (print out and give your physician the C-Section Permission Packet), you’re ready to go!


C-Section Mini Circuit

Do this workout if your physician approves of these exercises until your physician gives the go-ahead for all exercises. At that point, you can begin Level 1. Do this mini workout 1-3 times daily.



9 Minutes

A mat and a chair,
or just your bed



Mini Workout (one round):

  1. Wide Rib Breath + Pelvic Floor Contraction: 10 reps
    How to sit up without stressing your incision
  2. Flys: 20 reps
  3. Scaption: 20 reps
  4. Knee Extension: 20 per side
  5. Mini Calf Raise: 20 reps
  6. Counter Squat: 20 reps
  7. Tush Sways: 20 per side
  8. Mini Glute Pump: 10 per side

Light Stretching (one round):

Do these 3 stretches at the end of your mini-workout: 15 seconds each stretch, each side.

  1. Calf Stretch
  2. Thigh and Hip Stretch
  3. Hamstring Stretch

Full Length Video


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