The Program

HEALTHY AND QUICKHealthy-and-Quick-Everything-Fit


A Step by Step Guide to
Exercise After Pregnancy

My book, Healthy and Quick & Everything Fit, A Step-by-Step Guide to Exercise After Pregnancy was officially published on Mother’s Day of 2016 and is available on Amazon.


Both the hardcopy and the Kindle book include access codes for Levels 4-10, run (and stroller run) progressions, a walk progression, and cycling progressions. Oh-and if you get the hardcopy, the e-book is free!

This program is designed to start the day you come home from the hospital (with your physician or midwife’s approval, of course). You can print out a Permission Packet for your physician or midwife below that details the exercises in the first 6 weeks of the program for their approval.


There’s a special mini-workout for moms who had a C-section as well as a special mini-workout for those on bed rest or who had multiples. In those two instances, it’s especially important for your doctor or midwife to review each exercise for approval (don’t worry, it’s in the Permission Packet).


If you had your baby (or babies) years ago, it’s not too late to repair some patterns and habits that have been holding you back since pregnancy. It’s also not too late to start an exercise progression if you’ve been out of practice for a while, and this program will provide you with a total-body cardio and resistance training progression that will get you ready for a multitude of athletic endeavors.


Program Levels